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User Manual

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What stands NAB for?

NAB stands for "Name and Address Book". This is the "IBM Lotus Domino Directory", a database with the name "names.nsf", which is created automatically on each Domino Server. This database includes information about all registered users in its directory.

How does NAB Search work?

There exists the view "($VIMPeopleByLastName)" in the "IBM Lotus Domino Directory", which lists all registered users. NAB Search sends a request with the search text using the HTTP protocol to the server. The server responds by sending a XML document including the found user entries. These are shown by NAB search in list form.

Now the NAB Search user is able to choose a contact from the result list to get detailed information (Person document). In this case NAB Search sends an additional request using the HTTP protocol to receive the detailed information of the user.

NAB Search shows, if available, the following contact information:

Base Information:
Last Name, Middle Initial, First Name, Title, Company Name, Job Title, Department, Email Address

Phone Number, FAX Number, Cell Phone Number, Street Address, City, State, ZIP, Country

Phone Number, FAX Number, Street Address, City, State, ZIP, Country

How can I make sure that NAB Search works with my environment?

For that issue we provide you the free lite version of NAB Search. The lite version is limited and only shows the Email address of the found contacts. If you are able to get the Email address of the person you were searching for, NAB Search works fine in combination with your environment.

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