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NAB Search

NAB Search is an iPhone/iPod touch and iPad app for finding a person contact details from the Domino Directory of the IBM Lotus Domino Server. For that purpose the application sends the searched text to the server and displays the result in a list form.

NAB Search requires that the IBM Lotus Domino Server is accessible through the internet.

The user has to own "the login data" with the adequate rights (at least reader permission on "names.nsf") to login on the server.

Update Version 2.0

Completely redesigned:

  • iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus compatibility
  • Search result is based on the lastname
  • No need to enter view name in the server URL. The app will perform the search automatically in the view ($VIMPeopleByLastName)
  • In the search result, the name and the hierarchy of users is displayed. The phone number is only displayed in the details view if available.
  • IMPORTANT: This update requires iOS 8.0 or higher.

Update Version 1.4

Improved iPhone 5 and iOS 6 compatibility and minor bug fixes.

Update Version 1.3

After several requests from our customers, NAB search was expanded to include the following features:

  • The user can now search the contacts database. Contacts (formerly called "Personal Address Book") is a Notes database that is based on "pernames.ntf" template. This database is designed to keep information about people (contacts).
  • NAB Search can show the contact photo if the url address is entered in the Person document on the Server. (available on Domino Server Version 8)


To get different screenshots of the NAB Search app, use the following link for iPhone/iPod touch or iPad.

User Manual

Server Settings

  • Server URL
  • Username
  • Internet-Password
  • If you want to search the Domino directory:
  • - turn the switch "Personal Address Book" OFF under advanced settings
    - Enter the URL address of you Domino Server.
  • If you want to search the contacts database:
  • - turn the switch "Personal Address Book" ON under advanced settings
    - Enter the URL address of the Database.
  • Proxy-URL (optional)
  • Proxy-Username (optional)
  • Proxy-Password (optional)

Search for contacts

The user enters the name of a person into the search field and clicks the search button. The result will then be listed beneath.

Opening the details view

The user clicks on a contact in the list view to open the details view. In the detail view it is possible to work directly with the result (e.g. making a call, sending an email or opening the address in Maps app) or to copy the data into the local address book.

Shown contact information

NAB Search shows the following contact information, when available:

Base Information:
Last Name, Initials, First Name, Title, Company Name, Job Title, Department, Email Address

Phone Number, FAX Number, Cell Phone Number, Street Address, City, State, ZIP, Country

Phone Number, FAX Number, Street Address, City, State, ZIP, Country

NAB Search Lite

Since the IBM Lotus Domino Server configuration may differ, I provide a free lite NAB Search version to test the application on your environment. The lite version displays the email address only. Copying the data into the local address book is not possible.


I do not assume any liability, if the full version does not work with your environment. Please test the lite version before buying NAB Search app.

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